If you’re buying tea at a high-end tea seller, it might seem like the best way to go.

However, you might be missing out on some really great tea, and buying at a more affordable price could be the key to staying away from expensive brands.

Here’s what to look for when you’re shopping at a tea seller.1.

What you’re payingFor tea, tea quality isn’t always what you think.

For example, a good tea from a tea shop in China might not be as great as the same tea you’re likely to find at a teashop.

If you see something that’s not the same as what you’ve seen at a store, it’s probably not the right tea for you.2.

Where the tea is grownWhat kind of tea is growing at a given tea shop?

There are a variety of factors that determine what kind of plants grow at the location.

Some tea shops will only stock tea from one location.

For others, you can choose a location from across the country.

The best way for you to find out is to take a look at what kind the shop is producing, and what kind they’re using to produce the tea.3.

How the tea leaves are processedHow tea leaves for sale are processed is also a matter of personal taste.

Some people like to pick out the leaves and steep them in water, others like to soak them in a tea bag and rinse them.

If the leaves are dried in a cool environment, they should be ready for you within a couple of days.4.

What type of storage containersTea can be stored in a variety and sizes of containers.

A glass or ceramic container with a lid can be good for storing tea.

You can also store tea in a paper cup or bag if you prefer to keep it away from direct sunlight.5.

Where you can get teaThe best places to buy tea are often the same places you shop.

If it’s in a major city like New York, Boston, or Washington, D.C., there’s a good chance it’s on a regular store shelf.

If not, you’ll have to visit a shop near you to pick up the tea for yourself.

If you’re not sure where to go to find tea, try the following resources: