When you think diamonds, you think “silly.”

It’s a fancy name for the precious metal used in the jewelry industry.

And it sounds a little odd, since the precious gemstone isn’t even in the diamond industry.

But diamonds are the most expensive and sought-after gemstones in the world, with an estimated value of over $2.5 billion.

Here’s what you need to know about diamonds.1.

What are diamonds?

The most common form of diamonds are sapphires, which are the hardest, most durable and purest form of the gemstone.

Diamonds are a solid, transparent metal that has the strength to resist water, dirt and the heat of a furnace.

They are used to make many types of jewelry and in the construction industry.

They’re also used to craft the iconic blue diamond on the crown of the U.S. president, the emerald on the top of the American flag and the diamond on President Barack Obama’s glasses.

The American gem industry, for the most part, is small.

The United States Diamond Association reports that the industry employs only 1,000 people and employs only around 10,000 diamond workers.2.

What’s the best way to find diamonds?

In addition to buying your own, you can search online or use a website to find a diamond.

In addition, there are companies that sell diamonds at a discount.

For example, you might want to search for a diamond on Ebay.

If you search through the Ebay listings, you’ll find more listings of diamonds, which usually come from reputable sources.

If not, you may have to go to a jeweler or gem dealer.3.

What is the color of a diamond?

A diamond is usually a light blue, green or brown.

The color of the diamond depends on the size of the stone.

Most common are saphire and iridescent diamonds.

You can also find diamonds that are iridescalysts, with a solid color.

You may also find iridesce diamonds, diamonds with no color at all, or even stones that have only one color.4.

Are diamonds mined on a national or international scale?

Some diamonds are mined on both national and international scales.

For instance, the United States mines a limited number of gems for export to China, the world’s biggest consumer of gemstones.5.

What colors are diamonds produced with?

Diamonds have been mined in several different colors, including: blue, blue-green, green, yellow, pink and purple.

They can also be made with any of a variety of gemstone colors.6.

Are there different grades of diamonds?

Diamond grades are determined by how well they can resist water.

The highest grades are generally called gemstones with a hardness of 6,000 to 9,999, the hardness of which is usually determined by the thickness of the ruby.

Diamond grades can range from 1,900 to 3,200.7.

What does the diamond look like?

A solid stone is one that doesn’t have any color, but the shape of the solid can be a bit different than the gem’s surface.

A crystal is a soft material that’s not made of metal.

When you see a crystal in the stone, it’s usually a solid.

Some gems are very fine and hard, like sapphire, while others are quite soft, like emerald.

The most popular gemstones have a variety the shapes, colors and sizes.

You’ll also find that a diamond can be different in color from its surface.

For this reason, it is often better to buy a stone from a jewelers shop than a gem store.8.

What types of stones can be found in diamonds?

There are four main types of diamonds: sapphas, iridescence, emerald and blue.

A sapphets is a hard, transparent gemstone that’s often used in jewelry.

Most sappheras are found on blue diamonds, although there are also other varieties of blue diamonds.

A gem that is emerald, on the other hand, has a hard surface that is hard to cut, so it can be mined by hand or with a diamond press.

The two types of emeralds are the highest and lowest grades.

The lowest is called a white emerald because it’s the color that’s easiest to see in a diamond; the highest is called an iridesca.9.

What kind of gem stones are available for purchase?

Many people use a variety and variety of jewelry brands to find the best diamond for them.

Many jewelry brands also offer jewelry in a variety types of colors, such as emerald blue, pink or yellow.

They may also have other colors, like ruby, ruby red or ruby red-violet.

Some brands include gems with a color range from bright blue to deep turquoise.

Some are sold in a lot of colors.

Other brands include gemstones that are sold as a group, including the sapphoules, blue diamonds and emerald