More than two years after the drug’s release, it still remains one of the most popular drugs on the street.

A drugmaker, the drugmaker is now facing lawsuits and federal charges of fraud and abuse.

It’s a tough fight, but one that could be worth it for patients and taxpayers.

The first lawsuit filed by an Ohio woman in 2014 said that the drug was a “massive fraud” and that she paid more than $30,000 for it.

It was later settled with her for $9,000, but the woman didn’t want the drug anymore.

In another case, the government of California sued a pharmacy in the state of Oregon, charging that it was selling a drug that the pharmacy had never approved.

The federal government is also facing allegations of fraud, abuse and deceptive advertising.

But those lawsuits don’t address the FDA’s claims about the efficacy of dexametone, which is a generic of diazepam, a prescription drug.

The FDA has made a point of saying that dexamethe drug has no FDA approval, though, and it’s unclear whether the agency has the authority to issue a drugmaking license.

The FDA says it has “strong legal authority” to approve drugs based on clinical trials.

But that authority has not been applied uniformly, and the agency hasn’t set a timeline for how long it might take for that to happen.

A spokeswoman for the FDA, Jennifer Harrell, told The Hill that the agency would continue to “engage with stakeholders” to find a solution.

“The agency has a strong legal authority to review and approve drugs that have been approved by FDA and other regulatory authorities, including drugmakers and other companies that manufacture drugs, and to make decisions on those drugs based upon the scientific evidence they contain,” she said.

But it remains unclear whether any of those actions have been made.

The Drug Enforcement Administration has been trying to find the drug for years, but in the past, it was a slow process.

A DEA official told The Associated Press that it has been working with the FDA to try to find ways to expedite the process.

“That’s why we’re still looking,” he said.

In its statement to The Hill, the DEA said that it’s working with federal authorities to ensure that the FDA is following up on the matter.

“This is a complex, multi-faceted case that is not being handled with speed or haste.

The DEA is committed to making sure that the process is conducted as expeditiously as possible,” the agency said.

The DEA declined to comment further on the ongoing case.