The Australian Pizza Brands have launched a new brand, which has been described as “a modern take on classic pizza”.

Popcorn Brands is based in Melbourne’s inner north-east and is expected to hit the market this year.

It has been developed by chef Paul Pongal, who has also worked at the iconic pizzeria in New York and the new pizza chain, Pizza Express.

Popcorns newest product, the Popcorn, has the familiar name of the company but the brand is said to be “a contemporary take on traditional pizza”.

Its first taste of Australia will be on Thursday at the Melbourne International Food and Wine Festival, when it will be offered for $20 a pop.

“We’re looking forward to bringing the best flavours of our Australian food and wine to Australia’s biggest dining destinations, and we’re thrilled to be bringing Popcorn to the market in the ACT,” Mr Pongel said.

A spokesperson for Popcorn said: “We have developed a new product line for Australia called Popcorn which we are excited to debut this week.

The Popcorn line is a contemporary take off on classic Pizza and is a must-try for anyone looking for something a little bit different.”

The line is available for purchase online and is available at selected stores across the country.

“Popcorn is the latest addition to our portfolio and we are proud to have taken the opportunity to bring this unique brand to Australia.”

Popcoins products have been created in collaboration with local chefs, and they will be available at some of Melbourne’s favourite restaurants, including Cafe Cafe, the Melbourne Diner and The Restaurant at the Top of the Rock.

They are also expected to be available in the Australian market in March next year.