As we approach the holidays, it’s hard to remember that brands can have quite a bit of power over us.

In fact, it is the power of brands to influence our lives.

But what is personal branding?

What do we know about the meanings behind personal branding and how does it apply to beauty brands? 

We asked a few beauty brands and their answers to these questions. 


Personal Brand is Personal, not Personalized. 

I am not a personal brand, I am a brand. 


Brand is the name of a product or service. 

You cannot tell me that your product or services are personal brand because they are not. 


There is no such thing as personal branding. 

Your brand is something you choose. 


A personal brand is not limited to a person, but rather encompasses the brands identity. 


When you are buying a brand new product, you are choosing your brand.

You can choose a brand, or you can choose the product itself. 


The brand is a personal relationship. 

Everyone has a brand but brands can be personal to a certain extent. 


If your brand has been around for a long time, it can become a part of your identity.

You have your brand, and it is your brand to keep. 


It is difficult to change a brand because people have different preferences. 


Families can use personal branding to help keep their kids connected with their parents. 


In a way, brand is the language of the brand.

The word “branded” is not just a name.

It is the way the brand is perceived. 


People who have a strong personal brand are more likely to share the brand’s message. 


Consumers are more inclined to share brand-specific content with each other and with brands that use it. 13. 

Companies that have a personal branding relationship are more willing to invest in new product and services. 


Banners can be effective at reminding people of the brands brand.


We should not underestimate the power personal branding has over people. 


Brands have a great impact on people.

They can help us achieve our personal goals. 


At some point, brands have to be changed. 


One way to help brands remain relevant is to encourage others to do the same. 


This personal branding can be very effective in encouraging people to embrace new brands.