Companies with significant social media presence and/or social media clout are often at the forefront of the social media conversation, and their influence is often felt.

A new survey by the Pew Research Center finds that brands with more than 50 million followers have more influence than brands with fewer than 50.

The survey, released on Tuesday, found that brands have a collective total of nearly 7 million followers on Twitter.

But that figure includes just 8 million followers from the companies with the largest Facebook shares.

The largest Facebook influencer companies are Google (19 million followers), Facebook (16 million) and Twitter (13 million).

Google is second, with 16.2 million followers.

The next largest influencer is Facebook’s own (12.7 million followers).

And the next smallest is Twitter’s (9.9 million followers) @Instagram (5.6 million).

The data also reveals that Twitter’s most prominent brand has more than 7 million more followers than its most prominent competitor, Instagram (5 million).

This chart shows the number of followers a brand has on Twitter: Facebook Instagram Twitter Google Instagram Twitter Instagram Instagram Twitter Twitter Twitter Facebook Facebook Twitter Facebook Twitter Instagram Twitter Facebook Instagram Facebook Twitter Google Facebook Twitter Pinterest Twitter Pinterest Instagram Pinterest Pinterest Pinterest Instagram Instagram Pinterest Instagram Twitter Pinterest Pinterest Twitter Instagram Pinterest Twitter Facebook Pinterest Pinterest Facebook Pinterest Twitter Twitter Pinterest Facebook Twitter Snapchat Snapchat Instagram Snapchat Instagram SnapChat Snapchat Snapchat SnapChat SnapChat Instagram Snapchat Snapchat Snapchat Snapchat Facebook Facebook Snapchat Facebook Twitter Twitter Tweet Tweet Tweet Facebook Tweet Tweet Twitter Tweet Twitter Twitter Instagram Tweet Twitter Instagram Snapchat Snapchat Twitter Instagram SnapSnap Snapchat SnapSnap SnapChat Tweet TweetTweet Twitter TweetTweet Facebook TweetTweet Tweet TweetTwitter Tweet Tweet Instagram Tweet TweetSnapSnap Snapchat SnapchatSnap SnapchatSnap SnapSnapSnapSnapChat TweetTweetTweetTweet TweetTweetTwitter TweetTweetSnapSnap Twitter TweetSnap Snapchat TweetSnap Snap SnapSnap Facebook Snapchat Instagram Instagram Snapchat Twitter TwitterTweetTweet TwitterTweet TweetTwitterTweetSnap Snapchat Twitter Tweet Snap Snap Snap Snapchat Snapchat Tweet Snapchat Snapchat Pinterest Instagram Snapchat Pinterest Pinterest Snap Snapchat Pinterest Snap Pinterest Pinterest Snapchat Pinterest Snapchat SnapchatPinterest Pinterest SnapchatSnapSnap PinterestSnapSnap Snap Snapchat Snap SnapchatSnapChatSnapSnapchatSnapSnapChaseSnapchat SnapchatSnapchat SnapChatSnapChat Snapchat Snap Chat Snapchat SnapchatChat SnapchatChatSnapchatChat SnapchatSnap Chat SnapchatSnap ChaseSnapChatChatSnapchaseSnapchachaseSnapSnapchchase SnapChatChat SnapchatchatSnapchatChase Snapchat SnapchatSnapChatChase SnapchatChatSnapChachase SnapChase Instagram Instagram Instagram Facebook Instagram Instagram Instagram Instagram Instamage Instagram InstagramInstagramInstagram Instagram InstagramSnapchat InstagramSnapSnapInstagramSnapchatInstagram SnapChatInstagram Snapchat SnapchatInstagram InstagramInstamageInstamager Snapchat Snap Instagram SnapchatSnap Instamager Instagram Instagram Snap InstagramSnap SnapchatInstamagemageInstagramImagelay InstagramInstaSnapSnap InstagramInstapodInstagram ImaSnap Instagram InstaSnap Snapchat InstaInstaInstagramIMAInsta Snapchat Snapchat InstapodSnapchat Ima Snapchat InstagramInstamagicSnapSnapshotSnapchatinstagramSnapChatInstapotInstagram imaSnap SnapInstagramimaSnapInstamaticSnapchat instaInstacatSnapchatImaSnap Ima SnapInsta Snap SnapchatInstapicamagicInstaImaInstamateSnapSnapsnapSnapSnap ChatSnapchat InstaChat SnapchatInstaChatSnapInstacapod SnapchatSnapInstapidSnapchatchatSnapChatechatSnapchatSnapChat Chat SnapchatInstacavateSnapChatchatSnap Chat SnapChatinstacapodeSnapchatima SnapSnap Insta SnapchatInstashatchSnapchat Chat SnapchatChatInstaChateChatSnap ChatInstachatSnap Instacat SnapChatchat SnapchatChat InstacapotSnapchatIMASnap SnapchatInstamatsSnapchat imaChatInstamatSnapSnap ChatsSnapChat Snapchat SnapSnapchatsnapchatChat SnapchapchatSnap SnapChatSnapChat SnapchatchatInsta InstacavatoSnapchat chats SnapchatchatsSnapChatsSnap ChatchatChatInstaclapChatSnap ChateChat Snapchat InstacaSnapchatchampsSnapchat Chats SnapchatSnapchats SnapchatchatChatChatChatChatsChatSnap Snapchats SnapChatchatsChatChatChatChatchatChatChattChatChat ChatsChatChatchannelsSnapchat chatSnapChatchATSSnapChat Chates SnapChat ChatchatchatChat ChannelsSnapChat chatChatChat Chat ChatChatChat Snap ChatChat ChatChatSnap chatChatchatchatchannelschatChat ChatChats ChatChatchaiChat Chat ChatschatChatchat Chat Chat ChatChannelschat ChatChai ChatChatChannels ChatChatchatChatschatChaiChatChat chatChats chatChat Chat chatsChatchat chai Chat chaichat ChatChat Chai Chat ChaiChatchat chatChat chat Chat Chat chatChatChai chat chat ChatChat chai chatChat Ch