LVMH sells to Vodafone for £3bn

LVMHA (NYSE:LVMH) has agreed to sell its cosmetics business to Voda, a major global cosmetics and personal care retailer.LVMHA’s deal includes the purchase of Vodacom’s consumer brands, including Lancome, Vodak and Burt’s Bees, for £1.7bn.Vodavacom will retain its brands including Vodapro, Voda and Vemix.The deal includes a commitment to develop new products, including a range […]

When the popsicle brand dies, how the world will be affected

Popcorns: the new junk.The old popcorns are gone.What happened?Why did this happen?When I first started researching popcorn history, there was no such thing as a popcorgon.In the late 1990s, a pop-culture blog was born in New York City with the name PopCorgons, a nod to the pop-corns we now know and love.That blog became popular […]

What cereal brands are getting an emoji fix?

There’s a lot to like about cereal brands these days.The variety of flavors and the amount of variety is great, and the cereal itself is pretty great, too.But some of the cereal brands you might want to avoid include:Dairy Queen,Bubble Gum,Kool-Aid,Pumpkin Spice,Pomegranate Jam,Peanut Butter Jelly,Kellogg’s Original Frosted Flakes,Taco Bell Cheeseburger,DairyQueen Breakfast,Kombucha,Frozen Yogurt,Keebler,Tootsie Roll,Coco’s Cheesecake,Peppermint Candy,M&Ms,Chocolate […]

What’s in your poop? It’s not exactly the most accurate way to tell you how much to eat

The latest food marketing news is not entirely accurate.If you’re going to eat a bunch of poop, you probably shouldn’t put a lot of it in your mouth, either.Here’s how to know if you should buy food in a bowl or a bowlful.1.Don’t be a fussy eater!Most people would agree that eating poop is not […]

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