How to avoid buying a luxury watch

In a new study, luxury watch brand Elton Brand said that only 1% of its watch customers actually purchased a watch from its brand.The study found that just 0.1% of the watches sold were bought by Elton.This represents just one out of 100 watches sold.In comparison, the brand sold 4.2 million watches globally, or one […]

How to choose the best watches for 2018

Luxury watch makers have been working hard to keep up with the fashion trends of the last few years.Luxury brands such as Hermes and Gucci have been investing heavily in smartwatch functionality and features, and have recently launched their own smartwatches.This year, the trend is also on the rise for the likes of Fossil and […]

Which brands are worth a premium?

You might think that buying a luxury watch brand for around $2,000 would be a no-brainer.However, a recent report from market research firm BrandMiles suggests that even for those who have the money, it might not be the best choice.“Most of the brands in this category are a little pricey for what they are,” said […]

How to find the best luxury watches

If you’ve been searching for the best watch for your money, you may be missing out on a great bargain.You could be missing a good selection of high-end luxury watches, including the new models from the likes of Seiko and Seiko’s own TAG Heuer brand.But what if you were looking for a cheap alternative?Brands like […]

Luxury watch brands have been criticised for selling cheap watches with the names of luxury brands in them

A spate of high-priced luxury watches is being criticised by some consumers after being sold with the brand names of brands with low-end watches.One brand, a Japanese company called Obey, was recently caught selling a $8,500 Omega watch with the name “Nippon Watch” in the watch band.Obey says its watch is “a classic, luxury timepiece”.The […]

The ‘Best’ Luxury Watch Brands in 2018

Luxury watch brands are getting more expensive.But with the advent of smartphones and other electronic gadgets, the cost of owning a luxury watch has dropped dramatically.A brand’s brand value can rise or fall depending on how many different watches it sells, so luxury brands have a lot of choice in terms of brand brands.The list […]

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