LVMH sells to Vodafone for £3bn

LVMHA (NYSE:LVMH) has agreed to sell its cosmetics business to Voda, a major global cosmetics and personal care retailer.LVMHA’s deal includes the purchase of Vodacom’s consumer brands, including Lancome, Vodak and Burt’s Bees, for £1.7bn.Vodavacom will retain its brands including Vodapro, Voda and Vemix.The deal includes a commitment to develop new products, including a range […]

Cheap vodka brands are going the way of the dodo

Cheap vodka brand Naked Brand (Naked) has been a popular choice among British golfers, with the brand currently boasting of a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor.The brand, which was founded in 2006 by German golfer Max Bischoff, launched its premium vodka in Britain with the intention of competing against other brands such as Kool-Aid and Sprite.The […]

Golf brand says it will cut 6,000 jobs in South Africa

Golf Brand has announced it will reduce its workforce in South African golf clubs, citing poor market conditions.The company said it would make cuts of 6,300 employees, including about 600 in the country’s three main areas of business: marketing, merchandising and media, as well as its international team.In the past year, the company has faced […]

Golf Brand’s ‘Downtime’ Is A Success, Says CEO – New York Times

AUSTRALIA’S golf brand, Golf Brand, is on the rebound after a rough year.The brand, based in Sydney, has seen strong growth in the past year and has more than doubled its sales in the last three years.Its brand manager, Mike Egan, says he believes the brand has been doing better than expected.“We’ve been pretty consistent […]

“Golf’s ‘No One Knows Better’ Guide to Life in Golf”

A golf course is just a place to put down a ball, but it’s also a way to develop a relationship with the land and the people who live there.A lot of golfers fall into the first category.We have all seen the movies about the guys that play the greens at a club.They get their […]

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