Best makeup brands have been selected for the first time for the 2016 International Beauty Awards.

Top three makeup brands, which were chosen by a panel of industry experts, received votes for the Best Beauty Brands category at the event in London.

This year’s competition also saw the introduction of a new beauty category called Beauty, and for the second year running, the winners of the Beauty category will be recognised at the beauty awards ceremony.

The Beauty category has been created for beauty professionals and brands to showcase the best in the industry and recognise the best on the market.

The award for the best makeup brand is given to the most innovative and innovative brands in the beauty industry.

Beauty has been awarded a total of 12 awards this year, including Best Makeup, Best Beauty and Best Beauty Products.

“I am thrilled to see this new category come together with our award-winning Beauty Awards,” said Mary Ann Waddell, CEO of the International Beauty Association.

“With this beauty category we are celebrating our passion for the beauty world and are proud to have a platform to showcase this.

Beauty is a global industry and it is important that beauty brands have an identity.

The Beauty Awards are a fantastic opportunity to showcase our industry to the public and showcase our beauty and beauty products to the world.”

We are thrilled to have this platform and our brands being recognised.

“The beauty awards are a great opportunity to shine a spotlight on the beauty companies in the UK and internationally.”

The first Beauty Awards were held in 1998. “

The beauty industry is the fastest growing in the world, so I am thrilled that this is a good place to highlight the industry’s diversity.”

The first Beauty Awards were held in 1998.

The awards have since been recognised by The International Beauty Council as one of the most prestigious beauty awards in the international industry.