A spate of high-priced luxury watches is being criticised by some consumers after being sold with the brand names of brands with low-end watches.

One brand, a Japanese company called Obey, was recently caught selling a $8,500 Omega watch with the name “Nippon Watch” in the watch band.

Obey says its watch is “a classic, luxury timepiece”.

The watch has a stainless steel case with an all-metal face with a textured case back and a brushed aluminum band.

The watch is made by a Japanese watchmaker called OBEY and has a price tag of $8.9k (£5.4k).

The name is a trademark of the Japanese watch company Nippon Watches Co Ltd and is often seen on watches from other Japanese companies.

OBEy’s logo was previously on a number of watches from Italian brand Mafioso.

One of its watches, a £6,000 Rolex Submariner, has a logo that says “Obey” and has the company’s brand name.

“Nike is one of the few brands to have a watch that has a design based on a Japanese brand, but that’s about it,” said Mr Cairns.

“The watches we sell have names that have been created by other Japanese brands and not ours.

We would never sell something with a brand that we didn’t design.”

Watchmaker watches are a staple of many luxury brands but watchmaker watches, made to exacting standards, are often more expensive than those sold by other companies.

The name “Obeys” can be found on some watch brands but it is not a trademark.

Mr Cray, the founder of Obey Watch, said the company had a “very good reputation” in Japan.

“They have the reputation for making very good watches,” he said.

“We have a very good reputation in Japan and we sell some really good watches, but I don’t know if that’s the case for other brands.”

Watchmakers often use names from other companies and this is why many consumers are unaware they are buying cheap watches.

“A lot of people don’t realise that you can get a watch for less than the cost of a luxury watch,” Mr Cay said.

A high-end watch that’s not expensive Mr Cai said Obey had “a lot of great brands”.

“They sell really good luxury watches.

I think this is an area where you need to have good taste,” he added. “

In the US, there’s a lot of watches that are priced at $8k and that’s OK, but for us, we think $8K is really high.”

I don’t think I would have chosen it if I had gone with a $10k watch.”