CLEVELAND — Derrick Johnson apologized to the Browns for not showing more respect to quarterback Johnny Manziel.

“I’m really sorry for what happened,” Johnson said during an appearance on ESPN’s First Take Thursday.

Johnson was asked whether he could have given Manziel more respect during a recent visit to the team’s training facility.

Manziel said earlier in the day that he was the Browns’ top quarterback heading into the season, which means Johnson is the highest-paid player in Cleveland.

Johnson said he felt pressure on Manziel to be better during his visit to Browns headquarters.

“I was in there with them for a long time, and I was like, ‘Coach, you gotta be a better quarterback.

You gotta be better at all the things that you’re doing.

And then when I came here, you didn’t do a whole lot,'” Johnson said.

While Manziel’s comments about his teammates have been questioned by fans and media, he was also asked about his team’s playoff hopes in general.

“You know, I think we’re just in this for the long haul,” Johnson told First Take.

“We’re just gonna keep going.

We’re just trying to win this division, and we’re gonna keep winning this league.”