Losing a piece of jewelry is nothing new for Mom Melissa Pansi.

For years, her daughter was the first person to wear her favorite pair of jeans, and it has been an incredible source of joy and happiness.

Now that the family has a new set of pants, the experience has been bittersweet for the family.

“I can honestly say it feels so sad,” said Pansia.

“It is not the way it was supposed to be.

It feels like my child is not getting to wear what she wanted, and I am not getting what she wants, and the thought of her being left out is so sad.”

But Pansie is not alone.

Over the past few months, the Pansies have seen an influx of unwanted items on their family’s property.

In March, the family received a package in the mail that included a pair of pair of lucky brand pants.

“I was so excited, because I was able to get these for my daughter,” said Melissa Panozis.

“They are so cute.

I thought I had a great gift.”

The package was for $150 and arrived a week later, along with a message from the lucky brand owner.

The message read: “I am so happy to see you guys are so happy that we have been able to find a new way to wear these.

We are so grateful that your daughter chose to wear our pants.”

The Pansias say they have received hundreds of similar letters in the past two years.

One letter arrived in their mailbox with a photo of the lucky label, but the other contained a picture of a piece from their family.

And a few days later, they received another letter with a photograph of the original label.

“It was so weird,” said Lauren Panozois.

The Panozes are currently dealing with the loss of a favorite pair, and they have started thinking about the items that are being stolen.

On March 1, Panozi posted a picture on Facebook that shows the label on the back of the jeans, along the words “We are so thankful that you are wearing these.”

Panozias daughter was able see the original brand and the name on the jeans a few months ago, but she says she can’t be the only one feeling hurt by the loss.

“We are in shock,” said Nicole Panozzi.

“She is going to have to live with the shame for the rest of her life.”

This week, Pansini’s daughter had her favorite brand jeans, so they decided to take it to a local store and try on them.

“If we don’t get it, they will take it from us,” said Michelle Panozzo.

“I know we are hurting, but it is so worth it.”

It is an issue that the Panozzis hope to never have to deal with again.

After receiving the letter from the brand owner, the parents sent a photo to the owner to let him know that their daughter wanted a pair.

Pansi said that he was surprised to receive the package and told her that he could have gotten a lot more if he had known her favorite brands.

“But he said he didn’t know and he was so thankful to us that we got her a pair,” said her daughter.

“We have been so grateful for the kindness of strangers.”