J. C. Penney has long been a top choice for the U.S. government.

Now, its new “Scotch” brand has found a new home in the White House, with President Trump signing a memorandum of understanding with the retailer to allow it to expand its products into the U., where it has been sold since 1995.

President Donald Trump has been known to visit J.C. Penneys stores, especially the New York store, where he has had many personal interactions with the owner, President Joe Biden.

Biden has visited the company twice.

It’s not the first time Trump has visited J. Penrys.

In May, the president had a one-on-one with President Barack Obama at the New Jersey store.

The president, who has long favored brands with the scotch-like scent of bourbon, said that if J. Cole’s brand is chosen as his preferred brand for his first term, he would take a lot of pride in that decision.

In the meantime, it’s not just Biden who has been a fan of the brand.

On Monday, Trump told a crowd of business leaders at a White House celebration of a brand he said he had loved as a kid and a man, that he was “so impressed” by the company.

“I love your company.

I love your product,” Trump said.

On Monday, the brand’s chief executive, Peter Schindler, told Bloomberg Television that he hoped that the president would soon visit the store, which he called a “brand that represents America’s soul.”

The new “scotchy” brand is set to open its first store in New York City on Thursday.