Antacid is a brand name for an antacid drug that is used to treat certain types of acne, according to a brand statement.

The brand said it is an “antacid that will clear acne, reduce inflammation, and fight free radicals, helping you feel better, stronger, and look great for years to come.”

The brand has a history of using the name for various products and brands, including an antacids cream, and a lotion, but Antacid now stands for “Antacid Brand.”

The name “Antacids” was first used by the brand’s founder, George Herbert, in the early 1900s, according the brand.

The company has since been owned by The Herbst Group, which has been part of the family since 1903.

The Herbsts were the first family to be recognized as one of the largest private businesses in the United States, according Forbes magazine.

Herbert founded the company in 1904 and sold it to The Herbsters in 1916.

Herbert died in 1957.

Herbert’s son, John Herbert, took over the company after the family sold it in 1987.

The brands name was changed in 2013 to “Antidote” after the company was acquired by Altria Group, a unit of Philip Morris International, the company said in a statement.

Antacid products include the generic Antacid Cream, which costs about $10 and includes three drops of antacid.

Antacids tablets, also known as capsules, are $10 a bottle and include a capsule containing one tablet of the antacid and four drops of a non-antacid antacid product.