A former NHL player is suing the NHL and NHLPA after a league-imposed concussion protocol caused him to miss the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The former NHLer, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, filed the lawsuit in New York federal court on Wednesday.

He was one of six former NHL players who took part in a study last year that revealed that the concussion protocol that was put in place in 2012 to address the issue of concussions was causing significant damage to the health of NHL players.

The players’ association said the lawsuit will not be settled but will attempt to obtain the league’s consent to a settlement.

The lawsuit alleges that the NHL’s implementation of the protocol was an affront to the players’ constitutional right to privacy and a breach of contract.

The NHL and the players association agreed last year to a four-year suspension that will be triggered after the players have fully recovered from the traumatic brain injury they sustained in a game or other traumatic event.

The new protocol requires all players to undergo a 24-hour concussion protocol and a 12-hour protocol for every one-hour of contact with the ice, which the players must complete during the 24-hours of the start of the season.

The policy has caused an increase in concussion rates for players over the past two years, according to the lawsuit.

The plaintiffs say they have lost an estimated $5 million in earnings and other income as a result of the concussion protocols implementation.

The suit alleges that players’ personal lives have been negatively impacted by the concussion policies implementation.

It also alleges that NHL players have suffered significant emotional trauma, including significant anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, because of the protocols implementation and the fact that the league was unwilling to comply with its legal obligations.

The settlement could be a significant blow to the NHL, which has been struggling with a high number of concussed players and has been sued several times by former players who want to join the union.

The NFL, which was once the largest professional sports league in the world but is now in its seventh season, has also been sued by former NFL players.

The league and its owners, including the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers, have declined to comment on the lawsuit at this time.