This morning’s news comes from the Brande Rodick blog, where she details how many of her favourite brands have brands in their portfolio.

Brande Rodell was asked to list her favourites in the last 24 hours, and she did.

She writes:The following brands made up the most of her top 10:Adidas – the most favourite of the 10, followed by Fendi, Fendi Classic and Dior.

Adidas Originals – followed by Burberry, Dior and Reebok.The Dior adidas Origins collection also features a lot of brands from the UK and abroad.

It also comes as we reveal the new top 20 UK brands on our brand new UK brand ranking website.

Brande says that she really likes the “great range of brands that have recently released in the UK” and that “it makes for great travel”.

She goes on to say that she is particularly fond of “the British-made leather boots from Burberry and the new high-performance leather shoes from Reeboks”.

This morning’s list of UK brands is just the latest in a series of lists which Brande has been making on the brand new BrandeRodick website since its launch last month.

The Brande website is a great way to find out which brands are trending in your area, as well as learn about other interesting trends from around the world.

Brandes brand ranking is an invaluable tool for brands and retailers alike, and it is a lot easier than it sounds.