A deal between the broadcaster and BT to bring live streaming of matches to BT Sport has been signed by the BT Sport boss, David Dimbleby, with the rights holder BT Sports already using it on its streaming platform for the Premier League, Scottish Premiership and Championship.

BT Sport will be able to stream games to its BT Sports TV channel, while BT Sport can also stream the live feed of games on its own platform, BT Sport Live.

The deal will see BT Sport offer fans of the Premier Leagues two streams, one live stream and one on-demand stream.

A new TV channel will be created to provide live coverage of games from the Premier league and the Championship, with BT Sport providing coverage from the two divisions of the English top flight.

The new channel will provide live access to the Premier leagues home games on BT Sport TV, while the live streams will be available via the BT Sports app.

BT has been working with BT Sports to provide a single-tier streaming platform, with one streaming provider to offer the live and on-site streams and another to offer on-the-spot access.

BT Sports also has an exclusive streaming deal with ITV, which has the rights to the home and away broadcasts of the BBC and Sky Sports channels.

The BT Sports deal has been negotiated by BT Sport, the broadcaster, and BT Sports.

BTs chief executive, Tony Fernandes, said: “I am delighted that we have now reached a significant agreement with BT.

I am delighted to have worked with them to ensure that this will be the only single-streaming service for the future of BT Sport.”

This deal is great news for fans of our games, for fans who love watching BT Sport on their computers, tablets and smartphones, and for BT Sport and all the fans across the UK.

“We look forward to seeing what BT Sport’s future has in store for the BBC.”

BT Sports is the first major British broadcaster to have signed up for BT Sports Live, which will be live streamed by BT Sports’ BT Sport HD channel on its platform.

The channel is a live stream that will be streamed on BT Sports HD, with live scores and replays available for users to watch, as well as an archive of all of BT Sports Premier League games.

BT’s new deal with the broadcaster is the latest in a series of moves to try and bring live sports streaming to BT, which was launched in 2015 and has seen it become one of the UK’s most popular sports television channels.

Last month, BT signed a deal to build a streaming network in partnership with the BBC, which is expected to deliver live streaming for the sport in the coming years.