AUSTRALIA’S golf brand, Golf Brand, is on the rebound after a rough year.

The brand, based in Sydney, has seen strong growth in the past year and has more than doubled its sales in the last three years.

Its brand manager, Mike Egan, says he believes the brand has been doing better than expected.

“We’ve been pretty consistent with that we’ve been doing really well and we are doing really, really well,” he said.

“But it’s just the first half of the year, and the growth has been so strong we are not going to stop.”

It’s a brand which has enjoyed some good fortune recently, with its flagship product being the $100 golf ball.

“It’s got a really high bounce and it’s really good at hitting holes, and so I think the bounce is a really good fit for our business model,” Mr Egan said.

But the brand is also facing tough times.

“The golf ball is going to go into our inventory very soon, and there are some tough sales, and it is not good for our brand,” Mr Emgan said of the ball’s sales.

Golf Brand is in the midst of a $4.5 million funding round, with the investment from Tiger Management.

“Golf is really about innovation, it’s about delivering better products and it really is,” Mr Gorman said.

Gone are the days of a giant ball of golf balls.

Gonzo golf video from ABC News’ Nick Bourke, with reports from Nick Egan and David Cairns.

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