Ferrari is in the final stages of a $1 billion deal to sell its brand new brand new luxury car, the $270 million Ferrari 500 GTO, to a Chinese manufacturer.

The deal, which could close as early as Monday, was finalized with a consortium of Chinese automakers.

The new car, which will go on sale in 2020, will include a range of models including a 500 GTB, a 1.8L V8, and a 6.2L V12.

It is the biggest selling model of Ferrari since the sale of its 1.2-litre V12 powered F40.

The company is in talks with the Chinese consortium that is building the Ferrari 500GTO to sell in China.

“This sale represents the largest and most comprehensive collaboration of Ferrari and China,” said Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne.

Ferrari said the deal will include the sale and transfer of intellectual property to the Chinese company. “

With this deal, we are further establishing our brand as a leading global luxury brand and as a global leader in the design, design, technology, assembly and quality of the cars.”

Ferrari said the deal will include the sale and transfer of intellectual property to the Chinese company.

The sale of the 500 GTE to China is a major milestone in the company’s history.

In 2016, the Ferrari team in Italy and China signed a Memorandum of Understanding that saw the purchase of the F40, its design and production technology.

The car was sold to China’s State Grid Group in June 2017, with the agreement to be renewed in 2020.

The F40 has been used extensively in the Chinese market, particularly in the capital city of Shanghai, and Ferrari said in January it would continue to use it in China for several years.

Ferrari said it has already sold approximately 5.3 million of its 500 GTEs, including 1.7 million to China and 1.1 million to other countries.

It also said it had sold about 5.1.

million of the current 1.9-litres V12-powered Ferrari 500s to China.

The Lamborghinis are among the most coveted cars in the world, and its sale to China has been eagerly awaited by the Ferrari fan base.

Earlier this year, Ferrari unveiled the first of what will be the four new models it is building, the 1.4-litr V10 powered Lamborghino Murcielago, and the V10-powered, supercharged version of the car.

The V10 and V10 Super are expected to be the fastest cars in production.

The Murciels, Ferrari’s flagship sports car, will be powered by the 6.0L V10 supercharged engine.

The two new Ferraris are expected in the first quarter of 2020, according to the Ferrari press release.

The Ferrari 500 is also expected to become the first new Ferrari sports car to be launched in 2019.

The 250 GT is the flagship sports sports car from Ferrari, the world’s largest luxury car maker, and is the fastest and most powerful sports car in the firm’s line-up.

The 350 GT is a sports car with a range in all levels.

The 450 GT is built for performance and sport.

The GT is sold with a carbon fibre body and aluminium roof.

The S500 is a special edition sports car for the first time.