The brand brand names “remdesir” shoes for use by children in hospitals, nursing homes, nursing-home apartments and in day care facilities, among other settings.

The brands are designed to encourage positive behaviors in children by teaching them how to take care of themselves.

The brand is based on the original brand name of a medical equipment manufacturer, Remdesi, which was created by a French company in the early 20th century.

The company was acquired by Remdesivirt, which then became a French brand, Rempres.

“Remdesir shoes for young people are an essential tool for promoting a healthy lifestyle,” said Jennifer St-Onge, president and CEO of the National Association of Child and Family Services.

“We think that these shoes are the perfect way to promote that message to kids, as well as parents and grandparents.”

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The name “Rem desi” is based in French, which means “the good fortune,” and the brand name is based off the German word “rem”.

The company has about 1,300 stores and employs about 250 people in Canada.