The largest homeless food group in Australia is calling on the government to release an anti-climatic report on its work in tackling the coronavirus outbreak.

The Salvation Army says it has recorded almost 2,000 cases in the last three weeks, and that many are living in filthy conditions on city streets.

The charity says it can offer assistance in many areas of homelessness including mental health, employment, housing, employment-related services, and emergency food, which is often in short supply.

But the Salvation Army has criticised the Government for not releasing a public report on the progress of its work to date.

Its president of social enterprise, Luke McNeil, said the Government was failing to release a report on how it is managing the coronave crisis, and called on the Government to make a public announcement.

“We’re seeing people on the streets who are homeless and there’s nowhere to go,” Mr McNeil said.

“It’s not a good thing.”

If they want to provide support, they should be providing it, not putting out this report and then not being accountable for it.

“Mr McNeil told the ABC the Government’s current policy of releasing a report every two weeks was not working.”

That’s not good enough, it’s not effective and it’s causing delays,” he said.

The government is set to release its final report on coronavosis in a week’s time, but a report by the charity is expected to show there is a lack of awareness about the epidemic, and the Government needs to do more to ensure the public is aware.

The Federal Government says the coronaves outbreak has resulted in the deaths of more than 3,000 people, and hundreds of thousands of hospital admissions.

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