Adidas has announced its new logo, and they’ve added a new brand to the line-up.

The new Adidas brand will be called “A” and it will feature the Nike name, along with the new UA logo.

The brand will launch this fall, and it is set to be launched at the following Nike and UA retailers: Nike: Nordstrom, Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, and online at the Nike site.

UA: Nike, Amazon and online only at

The new Nike brand will debut at all Nike and U.S. retailers.

The Nike brand also launched at Nike’s flagship stores in New York and Los Angeles, and at Nike stores in London, Shanghai, and Seoul.

The Nike brand was previously called “Nike,” and was created to appeal to both casual fans and elite athletes.

The brand was created as a new way for Nike to compete with the rising popularity of Adidas shoes.

In 2012, Nike partnered with Nike to create a new shoe brand, called “Mountain View,” which debuted in late 2014.