What is the most popular brand in China?

China’s biggest e-commerce company Alibaba has unveiled a list of its most popular brands.The company said the list, which includes Chinese brands such as Shandong Luxury, Yuzhong, Yapink and Zhenya, was unveiled last week.Alibaba’s ranking in the list was based on user reviews and a survey of 2,000 people in China.The top five brands are […]

How to find the best laptop brands for a wine-and-cheese wedding

The best laptops in the world are expensive, and a lot of them are more expensive than you think.We’ve listed the best laptops that can take on any kind of challenge in wine- and cheese-making, from a mid-range to a high-end model.This is our guide to the best budget laptop options for wine-making.For a more […]

When does hot dogs start to taste the best?

Hot dogs, also known as french fries, are a popular item in the Canadian marketplace, but they are not the only popular food in the country.As of February, 2017, there were over 8,000 hot dogs sold in Canada.But where do hot dogs come from?How does a hot dog originate in Canada?How do Canadians choose their […]

When you buy branded water bottle, you buy the brand

When you choose to buy branded bottled water, you are also buying the brand.The word “branded” doesn’t always mean the same thing for different water bottles.We’ve been seeing a trend lately for water bottles to feature logos that are often associated with brand names and not with the water itself.The logo can be the name […]

How to write a blog with brand manager

You may be thinking “wow, a blog would be super simple, just like a blog post” but in reality, there are tons of things you need to do in order to create a successful brand manager blog.I’m not saying that every blog post needs to be a brand manager post, but I am saying that […]

How To Survive a Death in 3D [VIDEO]

Posted September 15, 2018 10:08AM | 0 comments The new LEGO Marvel Video Game is set to debut in 2019 on Xbox, PS4, PS3, and Xbox 360.And, it will feature an all-new story and gameplay mode that will be available to all players, as well as some brand new characters.This is the first official LEGO […]

Luxury watch brands have been criticised for selling cheap watches with the names of luxury brands in them

A spate of high-priced luxury watches is being criticised by some consumers after being sold with the brand names of brands with low-end watches.One brand, a Japanese company called Obey, was recently caught selling a $8,500 Omega watch with the name “Nippon Watch” in the watch band.Obey says its watch is “a classic, luxury timepiece”.The […]

Ferrari announces $1.4 billion sale of brand new Lamborghini,Audi,Volkswagen

Ferrari is in the final stages of a $1 billion deal to sell its brand new brand new luxury car, the $270 million Ferrari 500 GTO, to a Chinese manufacturer.The deal, which could close as early as Monday, was finalized with a consortium of Chinese automakers.The new car, which will go on sale in 2020, […]

Golf Brand’s ‘Downtime’ Is A Success, Says CEO – New York Times

AUSTRALIA’S golf brand, Golf Brand, is on the rebound after a rough year.The brand, based in Sydney, has seen strong growth in the past year and has more than doubled its sales in the last three years.Its brand manager, Mike Egan, says he believes the brand has been doing better than expected.“We’ve been pretty consistent […]

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